Mansions Executive Appraisal Service

Mansions Executive Appraisal Service

Mansions’ Executive Appraisal Service includes risk assessments and appraisal of your clients’ property(s) by professionally qualified appraisers.

The Mansions Executive Appraisal team are experienced in assessing and valuing heritage and unique homes.

Following an on-site appraisal our team will provide a detailed report including rebuilding costs and bespoke risk management advice.

Appraisal Type Summary
Mansions Executive Appraisal Report Our qualified appraiser will conduct a detailed on-site assessment to confirm the adequacy of the home sum insured.
In addition, we will provide risk management advice and specialist referrals to help clients initiate preventative measures including fire protection improvements, jewellery valuations and water damage prevention.
We also work with you and your client to ensure any existing contents and Private Collections sums insured provide adequate protection.
Mansions Executive Desktop Report The desktop appraisal process utilises virtual mapping tools, along with current building calculation methodologies to ascertain an accurate replacement cost for your client’s home.

Valuing Your Clients’ Assets

Timely and comprehensive valuations are essential to protect your clients’ assets and to guard against uncertainties including market trends and fluctuations.

Mansions’ network of specialists have expertise in valuations including fine art, antiques, wine and watch collections to name just a few.

Mansions experts and expertise are available to clients who require advice or assistance with their home security concerns, home safes, off-site valuables storage, hanging art or advice relating to fire or water damage. 


This is an independent service provided by Mansions that is not done on behalf of QBE.